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The Student News Site of Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

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You’re So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah Movie Review


The film You’re So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, based on a young adult novel by Fiona Rosenbloom, was released just a few weeks ago. The movie stars big name actors such as Adam and his wife and daughter – respectively, Sunny and Sadie, as well as Idina Menzel. 

This movie summarizes the awkward stages of growing up and from a Jewish perspective, the struggles of Bat/Bar Mitzvah preparation. Saddie Sandler, playing the main role of Stacey Friedman, becomes best friends with Lydia Rodrigues Katz. Both are incredibly excited for their Bat Mitzvah parties and have been planning them for the longest times. However, their friendship comes to an end as they fight over the attention of a boy in their grade. Their rivalry not only ends up destroying their relationship, but also ruining Lydia’s special night as a mortifying video of her plays in front of all of the guests.

Though some of this movie may be slightly over dramatic, other parts are extremely realistic as to the norm for this age. For example, nowadays, tweens will have huge blow-out parties, with DJ’s, dance floors, foods, and drinks, similar to the movie’s interpretation. However, the stereotypical teen personality of Stacy is, in most cases, a bit exaggerated, though it may be realistic for some.

Touching on the struggles of a young girl about to enter womanhood, this movie accurately demonstrates the importance of friendship and family during these challenging years. Stacy and Lydia were prepared to enter this new chapter of their lives together, but get partially sidetracked and their friendship almost ends. But, after finally forgiving each other, they portrayed a new sense of maturity gained throughout this process. 

Adam Sandler, playing the role of Stacy’s father, Danny Friedman and Idina Menzel as Stacy’s mother, continuously support their daughter as she attempts to account for her mistakes, offering their advice and assistance. Similarly, Sunny Sandler, playing Ronnie, Stacy’s sister, bonds with Stacy as she shares similar experiences of when she was that age as do tween girls around the country. 

I highly recommend You’re So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah to any girl, any age, making it a great movie to learn and relate to or just for the sake of nostalgia. This unique film publicizes the difficulties of coming of age and entering adulthood, normalizing this topic for tweens everywhere.

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Avital Lotan
Avital Lotan, Reporter
This is Avital L’s second year on Kol BT. Outside of school, she likes to dance, play soccer, and read. She is excited for a great ywar writing for Kol BT! 

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