Knish Shop Review


Zach B., Reporter

There aren’t many Kosher delis in Baltimore, so when someone is looking for kosher meat, the Knish Shop is the first place that comes to mind. Almost every orthadox Jew in Baltimore has been to or eaten food from the Knish shop at some point.


The Knish Shop is a family-owned business on Reisterstown road, and almost everyone in the Jewish community has been there or eaten their food at least once. The owner is a well-respected figure in the Community. He is constantly going out of his way to help the community, and always gives free food to those in need. Similarly, Knish Shop workers are always very helpful to customers. For example, when they make a mistake that affects a customer, like messing up an order, they will always correct their mistake at no additional cost to the customer. Because of the owner’s participation in the community and the great customer service they provide, Jews in Baltimore are very happy to support the Knish Shop.


There are many food items available at the Knish Shop. These include deli, subs, meat, sushi, side dishes, salads, dips, cholent, poppers, kugel, and more.  The Sushi is always fresh and made after you order instead of it being left in the fridge the whole day. The person who makes the sushi is Japanese and very skilled at his profession. However, possibly the most popular item at the Knish Shop is their Cholent. They make a giant pot every week, and it sells out most weeks. This is because religiousJews often eat cholent on Thursday night, and the Knish Shop is one of the most popular places in Baltimore to buy it. In addition to cholent on Thursday night, their chicken poppers are also very popular. The most popular dip that they sell is called Volcano Sauce. They are sold in 8-ounce containers for 5 dollars each, and it’s unique to the Knish shop. Another main reason people go to the Knish shop is to buy food for Shabbos. They sell many different types of chicken and schnitzel which is classic for Jews on Friday night. Ultimately, the Knish shop is a great place to buy kosher food, and a staple in Baltimore’s Jewish community.