Fleeing Kabul


Zach B., Reporter

On August 30th, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan on Sunday, panic ensued amongst the Afghani civilians. Although wanting to leave, they didn’t have an easy method of doing so. The US. Troops were leaving because President Joe Biden decided to retreat, and all the civilians were desperate to flee on the departing US military planes. Women were afraid to leave their houses, and many people were willing to risk their lives to try to flee Afghanistan. The planes were overflowing. This was unsafe, but the Afghani people were so desperate that they had no other choice. Although the planes were carrying large numbers of people, there were many people that didn’t make it on the plane. Some people tried holding on to the wings of the plane, but instantly regretted it when the plane started taking off and they fell. A few of them managed to hold on while the plane was taking off, but they too fell quickly. Some people even tried to hold on behind the landing gear, but they were crushed to death after take-off when the landing gear was raised. Essentially, the only people that made it out alive were the people inside the plane. And they were brought to countries they had never been to before and had to start new lives. Fortunately, America is a very accepting country and over 60,000 of them moved here. The pilots knew that they were leaving many civilians behind, but they had no choice. They had to run over civilians to get other civilians out safely. Unfortunately, the president of Afghanistan was very corrupt and did nothing to help his people.  Ultimately, some people made it out, and some people died trying. There are many people that are unfortunate enough to still be in Afghanistan, and those who were fortunate enough to get out, are very lucky.