Juggling School Work With Preparing for the PSATs

Juggling School Work With Preparing for the PSATs

Tzipora E., Reporter

In tenth grade, students begin preparing for their Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT. Already, students are swamped with work between homework, clubs, sports, and other responsibilities. Now, they must prepare for a test that could decide their future.

Of course, the PSAT is only the preliminary SAT and the actual SAT (or ACT) exam taken junior year carries much more significance since it is used in the college admissions process. Nevertheless, it is important to take the PSAT to know the baseline for your SAT score and because the highest-scoring students will qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

So, clearly the PSAT is important. But how can you find the time to study amid countless other commitments? Here are some tips to assist students with juggling schoolwork and test prep:

  1. Plan out your goals. Creating a weekly schedule will offer a guide for your progress. It may be beneficial to set goals by how many hours you study per week, instead of how much content you cover. Some concepts may be trickier and take longer to grasp than others.
  2. Share your schedule with friends or family. They can help hold you accountable and remind you to study.
  3. Ensure your study plan is adjustable. Maybe you will need to focus the majority of your attention on one project for a week, and that is okay. Check in with yourself to make sure the schedule is not too difficult to maintain.
  4. Take breaks and reward yourself. Studying can be tiring and time-consuming. Be sure to take a rest from your hard work and recharge. Sacrificing mental well-being for extra study time will not benefit you.

Hopefully these tips make the studying process a little easier!