Beth Tfiloh Holds Contest for New School Uniform


Jacob B., Reporter

Beth Tfiloh decided it is time for a new school uniform. Teachers finally heard enough complaining from students regarding uniforms, so they have given in and are letting students choose a new one. In one week, a contest will be held to pick from three choices selected by members of the BT faculty: the Ravens uniform, tracksuits, or synagogue-appropriate clothes.

A newly-hired Beth Tfiloh high school teacher recently gave her thoughts on this contest, saying, “I hope that synagogue clothing wins so our students feel an extra connection with tfiloh every day at school.”

As many BT students are avid Ravens fans, the Ravens uniform has taken the lead in the most recent poll, with tracksuits following closely behind. Many students want to show their pride for their favorite football team daily. Incoming ninth grade student, Plony Almony, expressed his excitement for the Ravens choice, explaining “if it’s good enough for Lamar Jackson, it’s good enough for me. Go Ravens Flock!”  He added, “I support the value of minhag hamakom, following the customs of the place where you are.  Baltimore is Ravens country and we should show it with pride.”

A retired Beth Tfiloh teacher picked tracksuits as one of the options in the contest. He said “I want students to feel comfortable throughout the day and not have to worry about what they are wearing. Also, my favorite sport is track. I ran the 100-meter dash in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.”

Every Beth Tfiloh student has an opportunity to vote on the uniform choices in Hurwitz Hall one week from today. Times are changing at Beth Tfiloh and students are very excited about this contest. They have even made posters, videos, and speeches about which new uniform students should choose. Please be sure to vote in this exciting election for a new school uniform!