BT Wifi Is So Good

BT Wifi Is So Good

Isabelle A., Editor

I, along with the rest of the high school, constantly praise the amazing BT WiFi. Its slowness is really a blessing in disguise. This gives BT students time to accomplish so much while it loads! Some examples of fun activities we do while waiting are: graduating, getting a job, getting married, having three children, retiring, and death.

We have time to complete an entire life! The opportunities that the slow WiFi grants us are immense and we should be thankful.

In addition to the amazing loading time, we also have a lag which causes the whole screen to glitch! This provides for great entertainment. I highly enjoy sitting in a Zoom call and seeing the funny faces of my fellow students when they are frozen. But wait, it gets even better! The audio lags as well, so you can hear everyone trying and failing to speak {which may as well be gibberish). However, it provides us all with a great laugh.

Additionally, students enjoy losing documents because they suddenly crash and do not save. This allows us the opportunity to hone our skills by redoing assignments! Or, you may have a document on Schoology, yet you can’t open it. This leaves an element of surprise of what could possibly be in that file: who knows what you may find?

We also love the blocked websites such as Spotify and Netflix. Of course, BT did not need to block them because we would never use such distracting websites during school hours. School is fun enough without them, who would want to listen to music or watch a show when math is so thrilling?

Lastly, we enjoy the videos which teachers attempt to show us. Classes where we are supposed to watch a video are perfect, they may as well be a study hall. Rather than watching the video, we get to spend the entire period watching the teacher try to show us the video, and fail miserably, which is entertainment in itself.

We, the students of BT, thoroughly enjoy the BT WiFi and think there should be no alterations made to make it work.