Meet Our New Commissioner of Spirit: Jonah S. ‘22


Erela I., Reporter

The Commissioner of Spirit is an esteemed position completely unique to Beth Tfiloh. Responsible for leading assemblies, bringing joy, and hyping up school events, the Commissioner of Spirit has the important responsibility of bringing school spirit to the Beth Tfiloh community. This year, that honor falls to Jonah S. ’22.

When asked why he chose to run for this position, he responded that he didn’t feel as though he was “serious enough” to be successful as President. Rather, he believed that his friendly outgoing personality would be better suited for bringing joy to others. “A leadership role that allows me to do that, I feel, is the perfect fit for me.” He describes how he’s always loved Weiner Tournaments and pep rallies, while also trying to involve himself as an underclassman.  Now,  the opportunity to lead those same events excites him.

Currently, Jonah is working on bringing in new segments to Friday assemblies, adding originality , and including others like Jacob S. ’22 and Garrett R. ’22. Jacob has signed on to help lead assembly and Garett, who also ran for Commissioner of Spirit, will also be heavily featured.  He acknowledges that COVID has made his job far more difficult, but hopes things will normalize during his term. He praises the new student government, saying that “it’s the perfect balance of joking around and getting stuff done”

Only weeks after his election, it’s clear how seriously he takes his role. For example, he has organized greetings on Monday mornings, a tailgate on Yom haatzmaut, and worked to foster an altogether better environment in Beth Tfiloh.