Meet Our New SG President: Gideon R. ‘22


Garrett R., Managing Editor

As many of you know, we recently had student government elections where Gideon R. 22’ became president. As your fearless reporter charging in armed with chutzpah and a pen, I interviewed our new president about his plans for the end of this year as well as next year.

When asked about the plans for his presidency, Gideon answered that there are big plans for Lag BaOmer including the famous grade vs. grade color war. This past  Rosh Chodesh, we had a delicious Rita’s tailgate party. When asked for further plans, Gideon stated that we would have to wait to find out and to “Expect some stuff, but we won’t be able to share at this point.”

When it came to Covid, a concern that I had and am sure a few of you might agree with, is that many of the policies promised in his campaign ride on Covid no longer being a factor. Gideon excitedly said that “We are looking like we are going to have a pretty normal year, all circumstances willing” and to assure that we would be able to do most of the things we could do in a normal year.

Towards the end of our interview, Gideon and I shared a few “Barukh Hashems” regarding the speedy vaccine rollout in the BT parking lot and that we made it through this past year with very little sickness in our community. My last question was what I’m pretty sure you are all thinking: what are his plans to make next year normal again? Gideon informed me that he and the rest of the student government will try their best, but nothing is set in stone yet. My followup question was to ask about the student lounge to which he responded that he can make no promises at this moment, but it would hinge on the room size situation. However, he said not to write it off just yet. Now that I have breathed this heavenly wisdom into your mortal consciousness, I would like you to think: What can you do to help student government make next year the best it can be?