Inspirational Movies for Students to Watch

Inspirational Movies for Students to Watch

Lindsay B., Layout Editor

Below is a list of movies that can inspire students to reach their full potential.

1.Dead Poets Society

Set in a boarding school in the late 1950s, Dead Poets Society begins by introducing a new English teacher, John Keating. In his class, Keating uses unconventional methods to teach his students who face immeasurable pressure from their families. The movie demonstrates the importance of taking opportunities and “seizing the day.”

2. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything, a film based on the life of the late Stephen Hawking, depicts the story of Hawking, who, despite struggling with a motor neurodegenerative disease, emerges as a successful physicist. Hawking overcoming obstacles to achieve ambitious goals is a common theme throughout the film.

3. Good Will Hunting

This movie focuses on Will Hunting, a mathematical genius who works as a janitor at MIT. Will is soon discovered by a professor at the university. However, he attacks a police officer. To keep his learning opportunity with the professor, Will receives treatment from his therapist, Sean Maguire. Good Will Hunting sends a powerful message about living your lives to the fullest and creating your own path.

4.The Social Network

Revealing the story behind the creation of Facebook, The Social Network portrays how Mark Zuckerberg became one of the youngest billionaires in America and the consequences of his path to success. This movie motivates students to make their dreams into reality while also warning audiences of the dangers of success.

5.The Pursuit of Happyness

Highlighting the pursuit of the American dream, The Pursuit of Happyness centers around Chris Gardner, a father who attempts to create a better life for his son after securing an unpaid internship at a brokerage firm. Based on a true story, this movie points out the struggles of lower-class Americans and recognizes the effects of hard work and determination.