Not Community Service – Service to The Community!


Jacob B., Reporter

Community service at Beth Tfiloh is not only a requirement but also an exciting way for BT students to get involved in the Baltimore community. Since the start of the COVID-19 era, many students have found it more difficult to find community service opportunities. Fortunately, this year, there is a community service notebook on Schoology with suggestions for activities. The list includes both in-person and virtual opportunities.

9th Grade Advisor and College Guidance Counselor Mrs. Lerman notes that because of COVID-19, “There is a greater need than there ever has been” for providing help to the community. When asked about the different community service activities during a pandemic, Mrs. Lerman explains, “In addition to direct service, students now have the opportunity to either do things at home like prepare a meal… or write letters… or to do things online like… tutoring others…over Zoom or…meeting with senior citizens…over Zoom.” These different types of activities help students create or further relationships with people in need during a crisis like COVID-19.

Mrs. Lerman compliments the students’ continued focus on helping others. She emphasizes, “Our students are very creative in finding opportunities to really reach out…and help those in community organizations right now who are struggling and suffering.” She feels that the Beth Tfiloh students have really “stepped up” to ensure people can survive throughout COVID-19.

Beth Tfiloh High School Counselor, Mrs. Sullivan, helps students find service activities to aid our community. She states, “Helping others and serving the community should become a habit, a ritual, an ongoing and consistent part of our lives.” Mrs. Sullivan also hopes that Beth Tfiloh students can enjoy community service and not find it like “just another assignment or chore that you hate.”

Every time someone does community service, it helps build a better society. Community service is not simply to help yourself, but instead to make the world a better place.