Learning to Invest

The Beth Tfiloh INVSTR Club helps students gain financial literacy


Jacob B., Reporter

Some people think the stock market is one big game. Students at Beth Tfiloh have the opportunity to play that game by joining the INVSTR club, led by Daniel A ‘22. The Beth Tfiloh INVSTR Club participates in a fantasy finance league where all the members compete to gain the highest market value in their virtual portfolio. The value of the students’ “holdings” rises and falls with the real share prices of the stock market. This club helps students learn how to invest and earn profits.

The INVSTR club founder and leader, Daniel A. ’22, began the club because he wanted to help others become more financially literate. When asked how he manages his stocks, Daniel explains that he uses “a bunch of algorithms that average out drops in prices.” Therefore, he knows when “a stock will drop or go up.” Daniel’s best advice about stock investments is “Don’t keep your eggs in one basket [and] have a lot of different stocks in your portfolio” because the stock market is very unpredictable. Many investment experts, including Warren Buffet, share Daniel’s approach, focusing on diversification. 

An INVSTR club member, Michael C. ’24, joined the club “fascinated by the stock market.” During the COVID lockdown, Michael “focused on the stock market and kept investing.” As someone who is interested in stocks, Michael wanted to sign up for this club and share his interests with other fellow Beth Tfiloh students.

The INVSTR club is very popular and many students are invested in learning about the stock market and profiting from that knowledge.