Tensions Mount Over BT Parking

A Cold War has been brewing between the Beth Tfiloh Class of ‘22 and ‘21- over parking lot spaces.

Tensions Mount Over BT Parking

Erela I., Reporter

Ever since a large wave of juniors began driving to school, they have chosen to park as they please.Their addition to the BT parking lot has led to many frustrated stories.  For instance, Isaac T. ‘21 said that “when junior park all the way in the back near the seniors, it can be annoying. I mean that’s our area! And there are so many other spaces!”

However, juniors seem oblivious in the face of rising frustrations. When questioned about her thoughts on parking in the school parking lot, Tal S. ‘22 says that she “just cruise[s] in and [she] love[s] it.” When the tense climate regarding the issue was brought to the attention of junior drivers, Gabi M. ‘22 merely responded “People who get stressed over people taking their spots are so annoying…” And while many received the news with shock or indifference, others such as Julia W. ‘22 chimed in with personal experiences. Julia explained how after parking in a random spot, a senior left a nasty note on her windshield that read “Don’t park here, senior parking only.”

As a somewhat biased yet neutral observer, (I’m a junior however I don’t have a car and don’t park at BT) it’s clear that the seniors have established some sort of order regarding the parking spots which the juniors fail to recognize. What seniors refuse to accept is that there are no assigned parking spaces, so their frustration is completely unjustifiable. On top of that, taking it out on unknowing juniors is irrational. Juniors however, must also try to respect the seniors spaces. The recent absences due to COVID outbreaks within the grade have allowed the juniors to get too comfortable. For instance, Tal S. ’22 describes how the seniors absence has allowed her to “park like a maniac, horizontal[ly] across five spaces.” Once both seniors and juniors (but mostly seniors) attempt to compromise, peace shall once again befall the Kingdom and the BT Cold War will have been averted.