Tchotchkes for Troops


Alexis S.

Filling boxes and counting items, Beth Tfiloh ran their second annual Tchotchkes for Troops fundraiser. Realizing that deployed American troops did not have all of their “top-requested items,” the National Honor Society stepped in to support the soldiers. This year it was especially important to help our troops as “deployments have been extended, change of stations have been delayed, and the ever-present risk of the pandemic is always looming.” During this tough year, the Beth Tfiloh community realized how lucky we are to be with our families and found it necessary to give back, specifically during the holiday season. To get more people involved, the organizers structured the fundraiser in a competitive manner where each grade attempted to bring in the most amount of items. Ultimately, the seniors brought in the most amount of items. As a school, we collected over 350 items that would be placed in care packages for the soldiers.

There are many ways to support our troops throughout the year. We urge you to visit websites like, which have various programs to aid the soldiers. Specifically, you can join their letter writing team to connect with deployed troops. ( Additionally, Beth Tfiloh will be running another fundraiser this year, “Socks for Soldiers,” more details coming soon.