The Official Ranking of the 14 Disney Princesses

The Official Ranking of the 14 Disney Princesses

Rachel H., Editor-in-Chief

Today, I am going to provide the official ranking of the 14* Disney Princesses. Before we begin, let me tell you why I am qualified to provide this lineup. Firstly, I am a long time Disney fan and have spent many days playing princess when I was younger. And secondly, I wrote my senior thesis on Disney Princesses and have viewed all of the movies recently.

Although this is my opinion, it is the only correct order. I will not be hearing any counter arguments at this time. If you have a different opinion, you are wrong. Now, let’s begin the ranking, starting with the worst princess, and ending with the best.


14. Princess Aurora: Also known as “Sleeping Beauty”, Princess Aurora is the most irrelevant princess. She falls asleep early on in the movie and would have died without the help of the prince and three fairies. The only positive lesson this princess provides to young girls is to be weary around needles.

13. Snow White: As the first Disney princess, Snow White led the way for those who came after her— we love a trailblazer. However, Snow White ran away from any danger and began cleaning a house she stumbled upon without being asked. This is not very feministic of her, we don’t stan. Additionally, her gullibility causes her to fall into a deadly sleep and rendered her incapable of living on her own.

12. Cinderella: Cinderella truly had everything working against her. She was forced to clean for her wicked stepmother and step-sisters. That being said, her fairy godmother saved her by getting her to the ball, and the prince saved her after she lost her glass slipper.

11. Merida: Merida is a young princess from Scotland who objects to the marriage traditions of the royalty in her country. While she has impeccable archery skills, Merida is annoying and acts irrationally, turning her family into bears.

10. Rapunzel: “Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair.” This infamous quote distinguishes Rapunzel from the rest. Her long, lucious, magical blonde hair simultaneously serves and traps her.. Although a quirky and witty character who quarantined in a castle before quarantine was a thing, Rapunzel didn’t really do much without the help of a man.

9. Anna: Throughout the movie Frozen, Anna proved her love for her sister Elsa. On countless occasions, she demonstrated that the bond between sisters cannot be broken. However, she fell in love with and wanted to marry a man she just met, getting her into trouble.

8. Pocahontas: Pocahontas is an athletic queen with strong moral values. She jumps off of cliffs, runs cross-country and swims through waters. Although based on a real person, her story is not historically accurate. However, she does not end the movie with a man, instead she helps John Smith and attempts to unite the two cultures. Her powerful intuition allowed her to stay true to herself.

7. Elsa: Elsa’s powerful magic and bond with Anna led her to causing mayhem in Arendelle. Despite possessing incredible powers, Elsa does not know how to control it because she was taught to keep it a secret. When she finally does “Let it Go,” she fully blossoms into the princess (queen) that she is meant to be.

6. Ariel: Also known as “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel is the first princess to stand up for herself against her father. This quirky and rebellious princess has dreams to experience more. However, she sells her voice to do so. Despite her wishes to be with a man, Ariel’s desires go further than just one guy. By defying her father, Ariel set a precedent for other princesses who came after her.

5. Belle: An intellectual queen. Belle does not care about Gaston, the most attractive man in town, and trades in her own life and freedom to save her father. Although she experiences Stockholm Syndrome, Belle fell in love with the Beast because of his heart, and not his looks. Belle encourages young girls to read and stay true to themselves despite others opinions.

4. Tiana: Tiana is the only princess who is also a businesswoman. She has a goal to open her own restaurant and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. While she is a frog for a large portion of her movie, Tiana proves early on that she does not care about men. She remains focused on her dreams without letting a man influence her or tell her she can’t do it.

3. Moana: Moana, the most recent princess, is the only princess with a “realistic body.” As an adventurer who knows what she wants, Moana proves to young girls that you can do it. She is strong, witty, and athletic allowing her to conquer the sea.

2. Jasmine: Jasmine is a strong and opinionated princess who stands up for herself, emphasizing she “is not a prize to be won.” Defying cultural norms, Jasmine chooses her own man instead of allowing her father to set up a marriage for her. Furthermore, she knew Jafar could not be trusted before anyone else did, proving her strong intuitions. As the first princess of color, Jasmine inspires many young girls to follow their dreams and explore.

1. Mulan: Mulan is a gender norm breaking queen. Stepping in to fight in place of her father demonstrated courage. Additionally, she became a strong soldier and represented the queer community. Fighting for China and her family’s honor instead of a man sets Mulan apart from the others pushing her to the top of the list. Muan can do everything a man can do and does it better. We love that.


So, there you have it. The official ranking of Disney Princesses. Although this is the only correct order, feel free to leave a comment sharing your incorrect opinion on this ranking.



*Anna and Elsa are not official Disney Princesses however they will be treated as such for the purpose of this lineup.