Being in Anne Frank Amidst COVID-19

Being in Anne Frank Amidst COVID-19

Isabelle A., Reporter

     Participating in a play during a pandemic was…interesting. However, the opportunity to present a play in general was amazing, as we could surpass the difficulties brought on by the coronavirus. In order to ensure our safety, each cast member wore a mask and maintained social distancing practices, differing from our usual performances.  

    With Corona, it seemed like the perfect chance to conduct the play Anne Frank. Some may think, why? Understandably, Anne Frank’s experience during the Holocaust was scarier and much more traumatic. Though, the state of the world helps us empathize with her and her family. For months, we had to quarantine and at times, it was frightening to leave the house.  

   The preparation for the play began on Zoom. Although it was difficult to connect with the characters while behind a screen, we tried our best. On Zoom, we conducted our blocking, which tells us where to go during each scene. In hopes of assisting us through the process, we were given drawings of our set. However, it was difficult to learn from a picture and attempt to memorize each step without seeing the stage for ourselves.

   Therefore, we needed in-person rehearsals since our final show would be in person. With only two weeks left until the play, we started rehearsals on the stage. Our faces were covered with masks, so it was tough to display expressions, a major part of acting. Yet, we adapted by exaggerating vocal inflections to convey emotion.  

   With the help of our amazing director, Mrs. Smith, and a great cast, we memorized our lines, blocking, and executed the play socially distanced with masks. Even though this year differed to what we were used to, we persevered and succeeded in executing an amazing play.