Five Facts in Five minutes with Mr. Jacobs


Rachel H., Editor-in-Chief

We all know Mr. Jacobs as a fun, charismatic, talented Jewish History teacher. But how much do we really know about him? I spoke with Mr. Jacobs and learned a few new things about him.

  1. Mr. Jacobs began teaching at Beth Tfiloh in the fall of 2014, making this his 7th year here.
  2. Prior to teaching, Mr. Jacobs worked in journalism dedicating his career to Jewish journalism. His journalism career took him to Detroit as well as other places before returning to Baltimore and rising up to editor of the Jewish Times.
  3. Outside of school, Mr. Jacobs is studying to take the License Battlefield Gettysburg Guide test. In his words, “[he] wants to be one of those old guys to take you around the battlefields”
  4. Before a career-ending injury, Mr. Jacobs played competitive ice hockey.
  5. Mr. Jacobs also enjoys being the proud grandfather to four grandkids.

I hope you learned something new about Mr. Jacobs today. Who do you want us to interview next? Feel free to reach out to anyone on the newspaper staff or leave a comment below this article.