In Person Vs. Online


Garrett R., Reporter

Shalom and welcome to another riveting article from yours truly, Garrett Rifkind. As a part of my goal of fearlessly crusading for the light of good journalism, I interviewed you, yes you, about your thoughts regarding online or in person schooling. The answers will knock your socks off, so I hope you’re comfortable and sitting down. Indeed, these absolute nuclear factoids will sweep you off your feet.

The first thing that struck me in the interviewing process was that Zoom is not as much of a hindrance for grades and learning as I anticipated. While many students say they would much prefer in person learning to Zoom learning, and that Zoom presents many distractions, it doesn’t cause a noticeable dip in grades. Another interesting point from multiple in school interviews is that students feel that there are problems with the mask break, but not due to the school’s policies alone. Jacob S. ‘22 said that he feels social distancing definitely needs to be enforced and respected more.

As for grades and learning, almost unilaterally, people agree that they learn better in the building. However, Jacob S. ‘22 states the superiority of in person school to online for grades due to the materials all being “there.” Most people say that they have less homework online, which I find strange as most juniors say that asynchronous work presents a real challenge and takes up a lot more time than normal classwork and homework would.

I then questioned the Zoomers on the obvious next point, the social aspect. The majority of the Zoom kids state that they definitely feel a decline in social interaction and heightened loneliness. Jacob Z.  ‘22 says that he finds himself participating in less physical activity than normal.

Overall, most people prefer in person school for reasons ranging from simply wanting to get out of the house more, to not being able to focus at home like myself. In all, this study unequivocally proves that in school learning is at least 900 times better than online learning and if you disagree, you are objectively wrong. People are generally able to study better and have better social lives at school.