The BT Football Team

Wouldn’t it be nice if BT had a football team? 

Ronen S., Senior Editor

Wouldn’t it be nice if BT had a football team? 

I’m just going to assume your answer was “yes” as I don’t know anyone whose answer would be “no.” 

Yeah, it would be nice. Actually, no, it wouldn’t be just nice. Rather, it would be amazingly awesome! Imagine playing football for your high school! Even if you couldn’t play, imagine being able to go to football games while hanging out with friends from school. 

So now you might be wondering why BT does not have a football team. I am, too. This is where in my head I start talking to the BT administration.

“Hi BT. So aside from the pandemic going on currently, give me one reason as to why we do not have a football team. I ask because I think if we did have a football team, it would bring the community together and would help people bond as the games could host a lot of people. 

“Yes, the games. That could bring up BT’s revenue as prices for tickets could be relatively high and many people would want to come. So do it BT. It’s a smart decision that you should make. Thank you for your time.”

OK everyone, I’m back. Hopefully the administration now understands why we should have a football team. I think I was pretty convincing and that maybe we will see a BT football team soon.