5 Creative Ways to Spend Time With Friends Socially Distanced

Some ways to stay socially distanced with friends and still have fun!


Samantha M., Senior Editor

  1. A Movie night is a great way to spend time with friends. Grab a sheet, blanket, pillow, some popcorn, and a projector. Try watching the movie against a flat surface, garage, the side of the house, or a deck. That way you can stay distanced while socializing with friends. 
  2. Planning a picnic with friends is another great idea when hanging out together. By providing your own chairs, blankets, food, and drinks, you can all distance and enjoy your time together. Finally, gather your friends at a park, backyard, or even in your driveway. 
  3. Next, go on a hike. There are many locations fit for taking hikes or riding bikes. You can stay socially distanced and still follow the trail. 
  4. Making smores is another fun activity to do with friends. You can all stay at least six feet apart while roasting marshmallows over a fire and eating your smores. 
  5. A nice idea that involves staying inside is a Netflix party or Disney Plus/Amazon Prime viewing party. When using Netflix, you can start a Zoom call with friends and share your screen in order to watch a movie or download the Netflix party extension.