Teacher Profile: Rabbi Milevsky


Tzipora E., Layout Editor

     Rabbi Milevsky welcomed me into his office in the midst of lunch, a testament to the busy nature of a teacher’s schedule. Enjoying a salad while I learned from his wisdom and experiences, his dedication was apparent before we sat down. Rabbi Milevsky has taught for around twenty-five years, so he is no stranger to the job, but since this is his first year at Beth Tfiloh, I wanted to become acquainted with him. When searching Baltimore schools for a job opportunity, Rabbi Milevsky was drawn to BT because of its warm atmosphere, friendly faculty and students, and vibrant community. Particularly, he appreciated our school’s embracement of many different types of people and different types of Jews.

     Rabbi Milevsky is not only new to BT, but to Baltimore, as well. Previously, he lived in Canada and he chose to come to Baltimore because of his many relations here: mother, sister, children, and grandchildren. Much of Rabbi Milevksy’s free time is spent with his family – when he’s not learning. 

     Although learning is a big part of his life, Rabbi Milevsky really cherishes the time he spends teaching his students. One of his favorite lessons to teach is that we are all a link in a chain extending back 3,400 years ago, from the first teacher and student until now. He considers teaching his purpose in life, and mentioned that recognizing his purpose is one thing he is truly grateful for. Indeed, his personal philosophy about life pertains to this, saying that everyone should use the tools they were given to impact the world positively. For different people, the tools and the impact will be different, and for Rabbi Milevsky it is teaching. Feeling a responsibility to his students to impart his knowledge, he considers the only way to share something so valuable is by teaching. 

     Looking to the future, Rabbi Milevksy mentioned he is excited for the opportunities the coming year will bring to connect with his students. But more importantly, he said he hopes to be a guide to those who wish after high school, to maintain the relationships he built and remain as a source of information for the rest of their lives.