Interview with Commissioner of Spirit Gabby Y. ‘23.


Yoni K., Editor

     After two years of corona craziness, Beth Tfiloh felt drained of all its glory, so this year, when  student government elections came around, everybody running campaigned to “bring back the old BT spirit.” While this may be the job of the collective student government, the one leading the charge is the commissioner of spirit, Gabby Y. ‘23. 

     Despite this job being previously occupied solely by males, Gabby’s captivating speech and adamant campaign scored her the victory against her other two opponents. She even noted that her victory was “really unexpected” yet “very accomplishing” as she was told by many that her triumph was unlikely. Nonetheless, Gabby feels extremely qualified to be commissioner of spirit.

     Outside of school, Gabby can be found engaging in activities ranging from lacrosse to volleyball to theater. This wide variety can ensure the success of her main goal of “togetherness” because people will likely feel more comfortable giving input on what they believe can be improved with assembly and help her create an assembly that appeals to all. While recently, assembly has felt a little empty, Gabby is actively scouting potential captivating assembly segments similar to “frankly” or “bread breaking with Garrett”. 

      In addition to assembly, the job of commissioner of spirit extends to all demonstrations of school spirit. For instance, Gabby can often be found at her friends’ sports games leading cheers and carrying posters as well as appearing at events like our school concert cheering on all the grades. These intergrade events are integral, as Gabby notes some of her greatest freshman memories are those made with upperclassmen. To create a bond with other grades, Gabby looks forward to working with student government to create events that can bond not only grades within themselves, but also with each other. 

      Along with her accomplice Matt S. 23’, Gabby hopes to create a school environment where everybody can feel genuinely “excited to show school spirit.” Although this year has brought a rough start, we are looking at a bright future.