Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Trudell


Elie S., Editor

Mr. Gilbert Trudell is a new Math teacher at Beth Tfiloh. Previously, he has lived in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Gaithersburg and now resides in Baltimore with his bulldog. Before joining the Beth Tfiloh community, Mr. Trudell has taught in New Jersey, Rockville, Silver Spring, and at several other schools in Maryland. Most recently, Mr. Trudell has taught at Jemicy school for the last six years.  

Mr. Trudell attended college at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia as an undergraduate in economics and received a masters degree in education. 

Mr. Trudell is a huge sports fan, most notably a fan of the Philadelphia sports teams. Some of his other hobbies include snowboarding, skateboarding, and watching movies, mainly Disney. Also, Mr. Trudell enjoys working on projects at home which can sometimes take many years to complete.

He says how, “[I am] always excited for a new challenge.. and it’s always exciting to get to know a new population of kids.” His goal for this year, and always has been as a teacher, is to not only help the students learn about the subjects he’s teaching them, but to learn how to be new people and better students in all their classes. He also loves learning from the kids, as he “usually learns just as much from the students as they learn from [me].” 

When asked about the community here at BT, he acknowledges that the BT community is very close and tight as a whole, and he sees a lot of connection between the grades. He mentions that it is “very cool how even though the building is huge and the divisions are split up, I still see lower classmen and upper classmen in the same confines interacting with each other.” 

Mr Trudell will be teaching all grades this year and is excited for a great year at BT!