Interview with Adrian M. ’24 and Elan V. ’24


Elie S., Editor

With the recent student government and NHS elections, I have decided to interview the new Vice President of student government, Adrian M. ‘24, and the Vice President of the National Honor Society, Elan V. ‘24, to see what they had to say about their new roles: 


How do you feel about being VP of your respective group? 

Adrian: I’m really excited because I’m a 10th grader and I didn’t expect to win. I’m excited now though, that I can make a change now from just my grade representative to the whole school, and to work on things that the whole High school needs, not just my grade.  


Elan: I feel fortunate to have the privilege to both improve the community service initiatives in this school as well as creating a better platform for students who are struggling in certain classes to be paired with able tutors who can help them succeed.  


What made you want to run for this position? 

Adrian: Well, for the last two years I had been a grade representative, but I wanted to have a change on the entire school, and help the entire school function with activities and community service, stuff that I think is important here, and I thought the best way to do that was running for VP. 


Elan: I recognized that while many people in this school need help and at BT, we have the unique opportunity that so many students are able to help others. Because of that, NHS serves as a great way for students to become more involved in their community, to help other people, and even have fun while doing so.  


What are your plans not just for the rest of this year, but for next year too? 

Adrian: Definitely for next year, I want to work on improving the environment around the halls, having everybody come together as grades. It’s been a little different with Covid, so I think if we can get that spirit back from activities such as community service projects and sporting events, that will definitely help better the school.  


Elan: I hope to do some more fun community service projects, perhaps some tournaments, for example after break we might have a spikeball tournament, and next year maybe even a basketball tournament, to raise money and to spread awareness for different causes. Every month, our goal is to have at least one program that students can engage in. 


Everyone at BT is excited to see what amazing things these newly elected officials will accomplish over the next year.