Encanto Review – Disney Creates a Timeless Message


Jacob B., Managing Editor

Accompanied with outstanding music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Encanto is a movie with important messages that can appeal to all ages. In particular, the themes of self-doubt and belonging can be particularly meaningful to teenagers today. 

Encanto follows the journey of Mirabel Madrigal who initially struggles with finding a sense of belonging in her family, but eventually finds her path. She struggles to fit in with her family, as she is the only one in her family without magical powers.  Her sister Louisa is very strong and can lift the heaviest objects, her sister Isabella can grow flowers with her mind, her mother Julieta can heal injuries with her cooking, and Mirabel feels like a disappointment to her extremely judgmental Abuela. However, in the end, Maribel saves the family’s magic and shows that her gift all along was herself. She helped the family when they needed it and therefore, was the greatest gift of the whole family. 

Similar to Maribel’s journey to find purpose, many teenagers today can feel like they are not finding their correct life paths, and can take inspiration from Mirabel who helped others find their magical doorways into their special gifts and passions. Similarly, teenagers can understand that they, too, will eventually find their way in this world and it is fine to be uncertain. Teenagers can also learn from Maribel that they are a gift to the world and that rather than a disappointment, they are people with great potential. People spend too much time wasted on what they do not have, instead of what they do have in life.  

While the songs, animation, and story are enjoyable to watch, the themes are what make this movie truly appealing.