New 10th grade Students and their Transition to Beth Tfiloh


Jacob B., Editor

Beth Tfiloh typically attracts about 6-10 new students entering the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. In order for the new students to have the best chance to succeed, Beth Tfiloh attempts to make the transition process as smooth as possible. This year, the tenth grade acquired four new students including Ryan S. “24, and Noa T. “24. 

According to Mrs. Kott, Beth Tfiloh’s Director of Admission, the Beth Tfiloh admissions process is somewhat more complicated for 10th graders than it is 9th graders because they do not all share the same transition programs. The transition process begins with an admissions committee that reviews each application and sees how and if an individual would be a good fit at Beth Tfiloh. The committee learns the reasoning behind the students’ desire to join Beth Tfiloh as well as why they feel this is the right time to enter a new school.

Similar to how incoming 9th graders get senior buddies to help them transition to high school, new 10th graders get paired with a buddy from their own grade in order to help them make social connections at a new school. Another part of the transition process includes support for a new student who did not previously attend a Jewish day school. Students who are new to Hebrew language work with Hebrew tutors throughout the spring and summer, so that they can have some assurance about Hebrew and Judaic classes before the school year starts.

One of the new tenth grade students, Noa T. “24, who came from Massachusetts, shares her thoughts on coming to a new school. She says, “the transition was really good because everyone was so kind and welcoming.” Noa added that “My favorite part of Beth Tfiloh is the sense of community and unity that it has. As soon as I came here, I could see… how Judaism connects us and brings us together.”

Another new 10th grade student, Ryan S. “24, came from Indianapolis and chose to come to Beth Tfiloh because of “its outstanding academic reputation and that [it] would foster [his] learning and present an opportunity…to grow intellectually as well as in…religious life.” The togetherness of Beth Tfiloh and the many opportunities it has for students to grow really reflects on outsiders. The Beth Tfiloh admissions process provides new students with the best path to advance in academics and in student life.